Controlling Evolution: From Growth Hacking to Bio Hacking

“Hacking” comes in all shapes and forms. Common conception is the negative form of illegally accessing restricted networks to accumulate data for ill-gotten gains. But not all hacking is bad hacking.

What “hacking” really means…

Any form of hacking boils down to one common theme of gaining control. Just like some computer hackers unethically gain control of networks for personal gain, other types of hackers gain control to steer chaos to valuable positive structure. In business, “growth hacking” has become a pretty popular term among the business development community. In the process, marketers take control of the strategies of gaining awareness and generating business by testing different methods and finding the effective ones to achieve scalable growth. The customer lifecycle flows from ignorance, to awareness, to interest, to consideration, to action, to purchase, to loyalty and beyond. Strategic marketers are able to use intelligence and planning to gain control over that evolutionary process and guide as many people as possible from one end to the next. Placing a newspaper ad and awaiting phone call responses is an example of a traditional, likely antiquated marketing strategy. Placing an ad in a targeted publication with a link to a customized landing page, monitored via analytics, that contains a strategically planed sign-up call to action to capture data is an example of a growth hack.

Hacking business performance…

Growth hacking involves a blend of strategy, technology and insight. In the print ad example, strategy is infused into the situation with help of modern tech. Instead of broadcasting general messaging hoping for response, a strategically planned digitally-powered workflow is generated to turn broadcasting into lead retrieval and ultimately business. Effective approaches like this that yield results are often reached through a series of attempts, tweaking efforts to find an efficient strategy. It’s insights that allow marketers to tweak the framework to an eventual optimal result. What was the strategy, and what was the result? Testing the approach with different variables and monitoring the effects on traffic, lead and revenue growth is what streamlines marketing efficiently and turns traditional marketers to ultramodern business accelerators who control the process. Even a basic growth strategy that has  abysmal effect could often be slightly tweaked, monitored and repeated ultimately to become a key growth accelerator for a business.

Hacking body performance…

Hacking biology has a similar fundamental structure of gaining control of ourselves, and involves the same essential blend of strategy and insight. Bio hacking is commonly regarded as infusing technology with the human body to create a sci-fi-like cyborg human race. The more reasonable reality is utilizing technology to learn more about our bodies and how to improve their performances. Several hundred years BC, ancient Greek physician Hippocrates memorialized the notion of controlling our intake and lifestyle to better ourselves by advising to “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Bio hackers practice the notion of monitoring our body’s functions – like sleep, illness, energy, sexual health and cognition – and improving them through natural remedies. The more natural foods, supplements and physical activities a person tries, the better they could narrow down what works and what has no (or negative) effects on them. Then, it’s a matter of crafting efficient strategy of ridding the bad and saturating ourselves with the good to yield a streamlined, optimal result of high performance.

Becoming a growth hacker and/or bio hacker…

I’ve tested a number of both growth and bio hacking experiments throughout the years and have found that both involve and ever-changing agile methodology that never feels totally optimal, and likely never will. However, when comparing where you started to where you’ve become using hacking methods reveals exceptional progress, which is what both concepts are all about. Expert bio hacker Dave Asprey states on his website how he’s invested $300,000 and 15 years to achieving his approach to peak performance, which he shares with others via content and product marketing. The best way to hack anything is to monitor results as you try, fail, and try again.

Experts in each hacking field help influence quick succession from problem to solution and the fine-tunes involved between each. Like in any process, borrowing insight from others rather than reinventing the wheel and learning them yourself is important. No methods of hacking anything are cookie-cutter. Businesses, customers and needs differ in each case just like body chemistry, nutritional effects and health goals do. But like in many experiments, building up a set of variables to test and monitor could be assisted through using others as examples.

There are a myriad of great growth hacking resources out there to help beginners all the way through experts fine-tune their efficient marketing approaches. Some of the best blogs from marketing tools that I’ve found are those of Marketo,KISSmetrics and HubSpot.  eConsultancy is a great go-to independent research publisher that puts out blog-style informative articles for marketing pros along with in-depth research reports on just about all aspects of marketing and business development, like marketing automation, social media marketing, search engine marketing and other key tactics to inhibit controlled and Quora offer community forums of like-minded professionals helping each other to reach their business objectives.

There are fantastic resources to help influence effective bio hacking technique.DIYbio and Bulletproof Executive offer and abundance of health resources (and even great products) to upgrade overall performance. Both sources also include content from top specialists and physicians involved in the field offering well-rounded, professional advice. There are also many wonderful TedTalks available with focus on hacking health.

Testing different strategies, using technology to gain insights into effects is the common foundation to both growth and bio hacking. Tech tools alone aren’t what comprised hacking, but using technology to gain intelligence used to improve our mentality and strategy. Aaron Ginn, head of growth at Stumbleupon, defined the notion by saying “growth hacking is more of a mind-set than a tool kit.” As technology allows us to supplement our brain power and earn more intelligent insights, the strategies we use to improve things becomes more intelligent and thus effective as a result. Better performance is an incredibly satisfying sensation, so hack your bio, hack your business and enjoy controlling the evolutionary process to rewarding success!

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